Welch Village Ski Patrol

Ski Patrollers with guestWelcome to the online home of the Welch Village Ski Patrol! Browse around and get to know us better. The site provides more detail on who we are, what we do and how to get there. It also gives information about upcoming events at Welch and how to become a ski patroller.

Check us out here and come join us on the hill!

Click here to view current hill conditions

Welch Village is closed for the season.  We had a great year!

Our 2014 OEC refresher is October 4th in Zumbrota.  Be sure to complete the on-line portion and bring the certificate to the refresher!!

NOTE: the online refresher MUST be completed prior to the WVSP refresher on October 4th.

Bring the printed certificate of completion to the refresher.


Courses are available in the NSP store. There are two ways into the store:

  1. Go to NSP.ORG and click the button on the homepage below:


  1. Navigate directly to http://store.nsp.org/login/
  2. Log into the store using your email address and store password. Or, if you do not have an account already, complete the [Get a password] section.
  3. In the Search field, enter Reid. Be sure to select the correct course (WVSP course, or your information will not be available to the Instructor of Record in the NSP system).
  4. Click on [OEC REF A – HYBRID- REID- 29499
  5. Click [Add to cart]
  6. Click [View edit your cart]
  7. Click [Proceed to checkout]
  8. Click on [Bill to this address]. Note: there is no charge for the course, but you must complete this step to advance.
  9. Click [Continue]
  10. Click [Start NSP training]
  11. 9.    The store will issue a link to your training at checkout that says: “Click to start NSP Training”


10.Select the link (shown below) to advance to your Personal Training Page.



11.Click [Launch] to get to the modules page.

12. Click on a module to begin it.

13. Each module has a test associated with it. You must get 100% in order to complete the module in its entirety. You can retake the test multiple times if you don’t pass the first time. Tests consist of approximately 5 questions.

14.To get to the [Module Assessment]:

  1. After completing a module, click on [Course: OEC Refresher Cycle A 2014]


b. From the [Modules] list, click on the module just completed.

c. Click on the [Take Module Assessment]

15. You do not need to complete all modules at one time. It takes about 15 minutes to complete each module. To return to the modules, see below.



Restarting your course via the NSP Website:

  1. Log into NSP “Member Services” at http://nsp.org/ and sign in to using your 6-digit ID and password.
  2. Click the “Member Resources” button (shown below).


  1. 3.    In Member Resources, click the link that says: TAKE ME TO MY NSP ONLINE LEARNING HOMEPAGE


Restarting your course via your NSP Store “Completed Orders”:

  1. Log into the Store at http://store.nsp.org/login/
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Under Manage Your Account, view your completed orders. Course orders present a link that takes you to your NSP Personal Training Homepage.


Figure 2.1 NSP Store showing completed orders and “Click To Start NSP Training Links”

Complete your course at your convenience but before the due date. Credit for completion will be automatically recorded.


Q:        Can I stop and start a course?

A:        Yes, you will need to log into member services and click on the button to resume learning.

Q:        Is there a certificate for me to print?

A:        Yes, once you have concluded the course you will be able to print a certificate of completion for the on line section. Print this certificate and bring it with you to the refresher.

Q:        I do not remember my course number can still enroll?

A:        Yes as long as you know the IOR (instructor of record) for the course.

Our 2014-2015 season starts with our training classes starting in August/September.